Here we go! | Gainesville, VA Child Photographer

Welcome to JG Photography!

I thought I’d start the blog off with a photo of my daughter, Alexis. This little girl is the light of my life. She is funny, and sweet, full of energy (can I get a bottle of that, please?), and so, so smart. She starts Kindergarten next year; someone hold me!

I also have a son, Ray. Stay tuned for a photo of him – if I can catch him, that is!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this shot!
    Jen was my old assistant in Australia, but she moved back to the states. Miss having this girl around me whilst at work doing wedding photography but seeing work like this, I have come to the conclusion that Jen should not be an assistant. Her work is amazing and of very high standard! You go girl! Well done on your great looking website with high quality work that I was so spoilt with.

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